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From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)

Aloft \A*loft"\ (?; 115), adv. [Pref. a- + loft, which properly
meant air. See {Loft}.]
1. On high; in the air; high above the ground. ``He steers
his flight aloft.'' --Milton.

2. (Naut.) In the top; at the mast head, or on the higher
yards or rigging; overhead; hence (Fig. and Colloq.), in
or to heaven.

From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)

Aloft \A*loft"\, prep.
Above; on top of. [Obs.]

Fresh waters run aloft the sea. --Holland.

From WordNet (r) 1.7 (wn)

adv 1: at or on or to the masthead or upper rigging of a ship;
"climbed aloft to unfurl the sail"
2: upward; "the good news sent her spirits aloft"
3: at or to great height; high up in or into the air; "eagles
were soaring aloft"; "dust is whirled aloft"
4: in the higher atmosphere above the earth; "weather
conditions aloft are fine"

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