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From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)

Height \Height\, n. [Written also {hight}.] [OE. heighte, heght,
heighthe, AS. he['a]h?u, fr. heah high; akin to D. hoogte,
Sw. h["o]jd, Dan. h["o]ide, Icel. h[ae]?, Goth. hauhipa. See
1. The condition of being high; elevated position.

Behold the height of the stars, how high they are!
--Job xxii.

2. The distance to which anything rises above its foot, above
that on which in stands, above the earth, or above the
level of the sea; altitude; the measure upward from a
surface, as the floor or the ground, of animal, especially
of a man; stature. --Bacon.

[Goliath's] height was six cubits and a span. --1
Sam. xvii. 4.

3. Degree of latitude either north or south. [Obs.]

Guinea lieth to the north sea, in the same height as
Peru to the south. --Abp. Abbot.

4. That which is elevated; an eminence; a hill or mountain;
as, Alpine heights. --Dryden.

5. Elevation in excellence of any kind, as in power,
learning, arts; also, an advanced degree of social rank;
pre["e]minence or distinction in society; prominence.

Measure your mind's height by the shade it casts.
--R. Browning.

All would in his power hold, all make his subjects.

6. Progress toward eminence; grade; degree.

Social duties are carried to greater heights, and
enforced with stronger motives by the principles of
our religion. --Addison.

7. Utmost degree in extent; extreme limit of energy or
condition; as, the height of a fever, of passion, of
madness, of folly; the height of a tempest.

My grief was at the height before thou camest.

{On height}, aloud. [Obs.]

[He] spake these same words, all on hight.

From WordNet (r) 1.7 (wn)

n 1: the vertical dimension of extension; distance from the base
of something to the top [syn: {tallness}]
2: the highest level or degree attainable: "his landscapes were
deemed the acme of beauty"; "the artist's gifts are at
their acme"; "at the height of her career"; "the peak of
perfection"; "summer was at its peak"; "...catapulted
Einstein to the pinnacle of fame"; "the summit of his
ambition"; "so many highest superlatives achieved by man";
"at the top of his profession" [syn: {acme}, {elevation},
{peak}, {pinnacle}, {summit}, {superlative}, {top}]
3: natural height of a person or animal in an upright position
[syn: {stature}]
4: elevation especially above sea level or above the earth's
surface [syn: {altitude}]

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