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From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)

Happy \Hap"py\, a. [Compar. {Happier}; superl. {Happiest}.]
[From {Hap} chance.]
1. Favored by hap, luck, or fortune; lucky; fortunate;
successful; prosperous; satisfying desire; as, a happy
expedient; a happy effort; a happy venture; a happy omen.

Chymists have been more happy in finding experiments
than the causes of them. --Boyle.

2. Experiencing the effect of favorable fortune; having the
feeling arising from the consciousness of well-being or of
enjoyment; enjoying good of any kind, as peace,
tranquillity, comfort; contented; joyous; as, happy hours,
happy thoughts.

Happy is that people, whose God is the Lord. --Ps.
cxliv. 15.

The learned is happy Nature to explore, The fool is
happy that he knows no more. --Pope.

3. Dexterous; ready; apt; felicitous.

One gentleman is happy at a reply, another excels in
a in a rejoinder. --Swift.

{Happy family}, a collection of animals of different and
hostile propensities living peaceably together in one
cage. Used ironically of conventional alliances of persons
who are in fact mutually repugnant.

{Happy-go-lucky}, trusting to hap or luck; improvident;
easy-going. ``Happy-go-lucky carelessness.'' --W. Black.

From WordNet (r) 1.7 (wn)

adj 1: enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure or good
fortune; "a happy smile"; "spent many happy days on
the beach"; "a happy marriage" [ant: {unhappy}]
2: experiencing pleasure or joy; "happy you are here"; "pleased
with the good news" [syn: {pleased}]
3: marked by good fortune; "a felicitous life"; "a happy
outcome" [syn: {felicitous}]
4: satisfied; enjoying well-being and contentment; "felt
content with her lot"; "quite happy to let things go on as
they are" [syn: {content(p)}]
5: exaggerated feeling of well-being or elation [syn: {euphoric}]
[ant: {dysphoric}]
6: well expressed and to the point; "a happy turn of phrase";
"a few well-chosen words"; "a felicitous comment" [syn: {well-chosen}]

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