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From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)

Among \A*mong"\, Amongst \A*mongst"\, prep. [OE. amongist,
amonges, amonge, among, AS. onmang, ongemang, gemang, in a
crowd or mixture. For the ending -st see {Amidst}. See
1. Mixed or mingled; surrounded by.

They heard, And from his presence hid themselves
among The thickest trees. --Milton.

2. Conjoined, or associated with, or making part of the
number of; in the number or class of.

Blessed art thou among women. --Luke i. 28.

3. Expressing a relation of dispersion, distribution, etc.;
also, a relation of reciprocal action.

What news among the merchants? --Shak.

Human sacrifices were practiced among them. --Hume.

Divide that gold amongst you. --Marlowe.

Whether they quarreled among themselves, or with
their neighbors. --Addison.

Syn: Amidst; between. See {Amidst}, {Between}.

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