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From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)

Uncertain \Un*cer"tain\, a. [Pref. un- + certain. Cf.
1. Not certain; not having certain knowledge; not assured in
mind; distrustful. --Chaucer.

Man, without the protection of a superior Being, . .
. is uncertain of everything that he hopes for.

2. Irresolute; inconsonant; variable; untrustworthy; as, an
uncertain person; an uncertain breeze.

O woman! in our hours of ease, Uncertain, coy, and
hard to please! --Sir W.

3. Questionable; equivocal; indefinite; problematical. ``The
fashion of uncertain evils.'' --Milton.

From certain dangers to uncertain praise. --Dryden.

4. Not sure; liable to fall or err; fallible.

Soon bent his bow, uncertain in his aim. --Dryden.

Whistling slings dismissed the uncertain stone.

Syn: See {Precarious}.

From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)

Uncertain \Un*cer"tain\, v. t. [1st pref. un- + certain; or fr.
uncertain, a.]
To make uncertain. [Obs.] --Sir W. Raleigh.

From WordNet (r) 1.7 (wn)

adj 1: lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance;
"uncertain of his convictions"; "unsure of himself and
his future"; "moving with uncertain (or unsure)
steps"; "an uncertain smile"; "touched the ornaments
with uncertain fingers" [syn: {unsure}, {incertain}]
[ant: {certain(p)}, {certain(p)}]
2: not established beyond doubt; still undecided or unknown;
"an uncertain future"; "a manuscript of uncertain origin";
"plans are still uncertain"; "changes of great if
uncertain consquences"; "without further evidence his
story must remain uncertain" [ant: {certain(p)}]
3: not established or confirmed; "his doom is as yet unsealed"
[syn: {unsealed}] [ant: {sealed}]
4: not firm or secure; "balancing three boxes in an uncertain
5: not certain to occur; not inevitable; "everything is
uncertain about the army"; "the issue is uncertain" [ant:
6: subject to change; "a changeable climate"; "the weather is
uncertain"; "unsettled weather with rain and hail and
sunshine coming one right after the other" [syn: {changeable},
7: not safe from danger or mishap; "faced an uncertain future";
"an unsure existence" [syn: {unsure}]
8: not consistent or dependable; "an uncertain recollection of
events"; "a gun with a rather uncertain trigger"
9: especially in the negative "no uncertain," as in "spoke in
no uncertain terms"

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